need the following 2 essays and 1 presentation due tonight before 11:30pm Miami time

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reflection essay 1

why are organizational messages (internal and external) important for organizational effectiveness? Please provide an overview and personal insights. The reflection essay should be 2.5 page minimum be in APA format (no abstract page required), include a reference page, “Times New Roman” font, size 12, and the format for paragraphs is “double-spaced” and “left-aligned.”

reflection essay 2

I will share the videos where you can find the content to include in the essay

presentation 1

  1. Analyze an art object according to requirements for the form/format that it exists in. In other words, what are the elements of stylistic form that your art object belongs to (hip hop, romantic poetry, cinema, urban graffiti, portrait photography, specific fashion trend, etc.). What are the influences that manifest – such as avant garde, folk, classical, pop culture, iconic, etc.
  2. Define the stylistic format. What are the elements of the form and design that are present (repetition, variety, rhythm, contrast, etc.). In other words, what are the characteristics of the specific form (sometimes defined as genre).
  3. What are the composition techniques that make the piece of art successful within the form/genre.
  4. 10 powerpoint slides minimum


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