Need help with written report about amazon

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Need a report about the company Amazon. Follow the steps below. please be critical though and do online research regarding business scandals, ethical challenges regarding working conditions, taxes etc. and Amazon’s reactions). you can make it a written report of about 4 pages (rough guideline, quality beats quantity).

  • (Brief) overview and history of the organization (origins, core business, scandals, start of CSR reporting, size, subsidiaries, global suppliers, workforce demographics, gender ratio, etc.)
  • Current organizational structure and corporate governance structure; how may this impact (ethical) decision-making in this company?
  • Identification of stakeholders (e.g. influence/interest grid): identify key stakeholders and their pressing issues; how are the key stakeholders engaged (in the digital age)?
  • Identify critical industry- or organization-specific ethical issues for this company (cf. online research
  • Present all activities/programs/policies/ISO-norms/certificates etc. employed by the organization and relating to the issues raised above. Critically review how these measures where employed, monitored and measured (effectiveness). Have all relevant business areas been tackled by the adopted measures? (cf. online research


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