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Need ASAP. &nbspAPA format, answer all questionsWhen responding

    Need ASAP.  APA format, answer all questionsWhen responding to these questions, please place yourself in the perspective as an Aviation Maintenance Manager. 1. Describe the elements of a reliability program.2. Components may fail and when they fail, it is unknown. However, when the components fail for various aircraft in the airline’s fleet, then there are some serious issues that must be corrected since components are expensive to replace. In this Module Review activity, you will design a statistical reliability check based on a specific malfunctioning component. First, you will choose an aircraft. Second, you will choose a component. Lastly, you will gather statistical data (failure rates, specific time period, etc…) on that component, provide recommendations, and present your results in 200-500 words.3. Explain the purpose of a quality assurance audit.4. Define the requirement for an airline to establish Quality Assurance (QA).5. Characterize the inspection of two signature requirements from Quality Control (QC).6. Outline the process to send special reports to regulatory authority.

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