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n:Deliverable Length: 5-paragraph essay in APA styleCourse O

    n:Deliverable Length: 5-paragraph essay in APA styleCourse Objectives: Define key literary terms, such as plot, character, setting, point of view, figurative language, symbolism, and style. Library Research AssignmentForthis assignment you will create a 5-paragraph essay written in thirdperson detailing the plot development of one of the short stories fromthis week’s reading list. For this paper you will be focusing on thefive stages of plot development: Exposition, Rising Action, Climax,Falling Action, and Resolution. Use the library and textbook to conductresearch on plot development. You should define each of the five stagesof plot development in your own words and provide examples from thestory (directly quoted or paraphrased) to support your ideas.The essay will include the following 5 paragraphs (paragraphs are at least 3 sentences each):Introductory paragraph.In your introductory paragraph you will hook the reader, name the titleof the short story, and provide the author’s full name. Your paragraphwill end with a thesis that introduces the purpose of the paper.Body Paragraph #1. Exposition: define the term and discuss the characters, the setting, and the situation at the start of the story. Rising Action: define the term and discuss the conflict, obstacle, or destabilizing event.Body Paragraph #2. Climax: define the term and discuss the most intense moment of the story. Body Paragraph #3. Falling Action: define the term and discuss the release of tension or a ‘twist’ in the story. Resolution: define the term and discuss how the conflict is resolved at the end of the story.Concluding Paragraph. Your conclusion should restate your purpose, summarize your main ideas, and leave the reader with a closing thought.

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