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&nbspWrite an essay in which you&nbspfirst&nbspexplain the concept of

     Write an essay in which you first explain the concept of culturepresented in assigned reading and viewing material in Karl Heider, SeeingAnthropology: Cultural Anthropology Through Film.Second, use the concept of culture and related concepts presented in the courseto examine how human collective practices, beliefs, social roles, and local institutions relate to structuring patterns of production, distribution and consumption (economic anthropology) across social groups you have studied in this course. Your analysis of subsistence patterns must be based on careful reading of the assigned work found on the course syllabus and the related viewing material in chapters 1-7. Pay attention to ethnographic illustrations in the assigned reading and video clips in chapters 1-7. You must make accurate use of the vocabulary you have acquired from your reading and viewing Note that chapters 6 and 7 on production patterns and distribution and consumption provide key concepts and ethnographic information that is critical to do well on this assignment.  Also note the importance of identity, social roles, gender, the division of labor, worldview and symbols (see chapter 4 on meaning and symbols) as they relate to production, consumption, and distribution transactions. Essays must be about 2000 words in length and typed. You must use APA or MLA format. Essays that do not apply the correct format will be returned with 0I need the assignment by 3pm central time.

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