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&nbspPretending that the cosine function, cos(x) , is not avail

     Pretending that the cosine function, cos(x) , is not available in the C compiler, create your own cos(x) usingcos (x) = 1 -x22!+x44!-x66!+ ¼Background.and demonstrate your program by making a table as:xmycos(x)cos(x)0.01.0001.0000.11.1011.1050.21.3081.221………1.01.691.781where mycos(x) is from your program and cos (x) is the C-supplied function in math.h.Note:The values above are false.The following is the general form of cos (x).cos(x) =¥åi=0(-1)i x2 i(2 i)!,Take first 10 terms for the series.Template:#include

    int factorial(int n){(your code here)}float mycos(float x){ float sum=0; int i; for (i=0;i<=10;i++) sum = sum + (your code here); return sum;}int main(){ int i=1; for (i=1;i< …….) printf(…….);return 0;}

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