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&nbspOpen your Unit 4 Individual Project assignment (grade book

     Open your Unit 4 Individual Project assignment (grade book).Step 2: Using your cursor, highlight the course names and the data that is next to them.Step 3: Click on Insert > Charts, and select ‘Column Chart.’Step 4: Click on the chart, and select ‘Cut.’Step 5: Go to the bottom of your spreadsheet, and select Sheet 2. Click on a cell within that sheet.Step 6: On Sheet 2, paste the chart you just copied.Step 7: On the tabs at the bottom, label Sheet 1, as ‘Data’ and Sheet 2 as ‘Grade Chart.’Step 8: Add a title to the Grade Chart.Step 9: Revise the chart as needed to make it look more presentabletheresapemberton_studentgradebook.xlsx

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