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&nbspI have a research paper due this Friday, November 21st.&nbspI

     I have a research paper due this Friday, November 21st. It has to be 4 pages not including the work cited. (It doesn’t not require a cover page) I have to have 6 sources but my research paper is based on two  short stories by Edgar Allan Poe called ‘The Masque of the Red Death’and ‘The Black Cat’.So that takes care of 2/6 sources, which means I only need 4 other sources. the main objective is to relate these two short stories to Edgar Allan Poe’s life. My thesis statement is: Edgar Allan Poe suffered many tragedies in his life such as tuberculosis and being an alcoholic. These issues are reflected in his short stories, ‘The Masque of the red Death’ and ‘The Black Cat’.

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