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&nbspi have a research paper due for english class on Joyce Car

     i have a research paper due for english class on Joyce Carol Oates. Including her stories ‘where are you going, Where have you been?’ and ‘Heat’. I already have a thesis written which i will write below along with the requirements. This is very urgent so it will be nice if you get back to me asap with the price and all.Thesis Statement: Joyce Carol Oates’ personality is reflected deeply throughout her writings including ‘Heat’ and ‘Where are you going, Where have you been?’. Her inspirations for her stories such as the tragedies and examples that happened in peoples everyday lives. The characters in these two stories experienced kidnappings, rape and murder. 4 PAGE PAPER INCLUDING WORKS CITED PAGE. (3 pages of actual paper)requirements: 1) Find autobiographical elements from her life and link them to the stories she wrote. 2) Make comparisons between the structure/thematic content of the two stories 3) Find critical feedback on the author and her stories.4) Must be some analytical content of chosen stories blended in with research.5) Generate findings about chosen author and assessment of work CITE EVERYTHING.

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