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&nbspConsider the table below, Network Diagram Data for a Small

     Consider the table below, Network Diagram Data for a Small Project. All duration estimates or estimated times are in days; and the network proceeds from Node 1 to Node 9.Draw an AOA network diagram representing the project. Put the node numbers in circles and draw arrows from node to node, labeling each arrow with the activity letter. MS Powerpoint or Visio are good tools for this task.Identify all of the parts on the network diagram and note how long they are, using Figure 6-8 in your text as a guide for how to represent each path.What is the critical path for this project and how long is it?When is the earliest possible time that this project can be completed?Enter the information into MS Project.ActivityInitialNodeFirstNodeEstimatedDurationA122B232C243D254E362F463G576H682I675J781K892Example AOA diagram and Gantt Chart.AOA Diagram.jpg Gantt Chart.jpg

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