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&nbspConnecting the Dots Understanding theTheories and Theoris

     Connecting the Dots: Understanding theTheories and TheoristsDirections: Refer to your textbook and to the lecture notesfor more information on all the theories of child development.  The points possible for each question arelisted next to each question.  1.  Whydo we use theories to explain child development and learning? 2. Define classical and operant conditioning.  a. How are they the same? How are theydifferent?  b. Give an example of each.3.   Describe the nature versus nurture debate. 4.  Choosewhich theorist/ theory from the list below describes the child’s development inthe scenario. Only one theory per scenario. You will use each theory  only once.Scenarios    _____  An infant has developed a strong attachmentto his care giver and cries when she leaves a the end of the day. _____  A one year old takes her first steps afterpulling up and standing on the shelf. _____  A two year old picks up a wooden block andpretends it is a telephone.  _____  To encourage her son to tie his own shoes, sheshows him step by step and then watches and coaches to help him succeed. _____  An infant cries each night and her parentscome into her room to comfort her.  _____  A child is delayed in his development but isable to attend a community preschool which promotes his growth and developmentwhile also supporting his impoverished family. _____  A preschooler is watching another child climbthe ladder on the playground.  After watchingrepeatedly, she starts the climb herself for the first time.TheoriesA. UrieBronfenbrenner’s Bio-ecological TheoryB. B.F.Skinner’s BehaviorismC. LevVygotsky’s Zone of Proximal DevelopmentD. ErikErikson’s Eight Stages of ManE. AlbertBandura’s Social Learning TheoryF. JeanPiaget’s Stages of Intellectual DevelopmentG.  Arnold Gesell’s Maturational Theory

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