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&nbspA research paper on a particular musician, group, pr sub-g

     A research paper on a particular musician, group, pr sub-genre withing the american popular music tradition. Your paper should demonstrate the relationship of your subject with other musicians/genres discussed in (i.e. what was new and/or different about your subjects music), and summarize the importance of your subjects contributions to the america popular music tradition( including influences on younger artists) reference to specific songs and/or recordings will be helpful perhaps even necessary; keep in mind the success of your paper will depend both on your clarity in articulating the nature of your subjects contributions to american popular music and your use of detail to support your claims for your subjects importance. the musician i want is 50 centThe research paper should be five typed pages, double spaced, with 1 1/2 ” left margin, all other margins 1”. the research paper shall include a bibliography (not counted as one of the pages) Two sources have to be print.

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