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           you’ll need to do the adjustment letter assignment on your own. I’ve attached the case and a checklist to evaluate your final draft with. To prepare, you should closely review chapter 7 pages 214 through 217. The pattern you would follow for the case is as follows:Grant the adjustment: give the reader whatever you feel they might be seeking including a refund, an apology, and any assurance regarding their health.State the reasons for the problem: tell the reader what the problem was or what went wrong and why. This shows the reader that you investigated their concern and took it seriously. The reason is stated in the case; however, try to avoid any wording that might be insensitive. There are references to things like “larvae,” and “hatching eggs” that would gross out the reader. Just mention that the meal worm is a global pantry pest etc…State what you do to prevent the problem: the case lists a number of preventive measures. You would want to include these, as they make the case for the rarity of the occurrence. Since you’re trying to rebuild the customer’s confidence in your product, these preventive measures assure them that this isn’t a regular occurrence.Close positively: do not refer the reader back to the original problem in the closing. Thank them for bringing the problem to your attention and look forward to doing future business with them (see page 217 for some effective closings for business letters.Bus 205.docundefinedIMG_0501.JPGundefinedundefinedundefined

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