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Narco-terrorism is a veryinteresting topic. Terrorism and dr

    Narco-terrorism is a veryinteresting topic. Terrorism and drugs often have a symbiotic relationship andconspiracies are quite common to both. Using conspiracy laws to apprehendnarco-terrorist suspects can help stop both the threat of possible deaths andthe spread of drugs. This teamwork assignment will explore the concept ofnarco-terrorism.Complete the following:Read the drug intelligence brief, ‘Drugs andTerrorism: A New Perspective’ that starts on page 228. As a team:Discuss the concept of Narco-Terrorism.Discuss the different organizations listed inthe intelligence brief.Discuss whether or not you think there is trulya link between drugs and terrorism. If you believe they are linked, discusswhether or not putting a stop to drug trafficking would also hinder terroristactions.

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