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My topic is musicI want you to chose 3 most popular types of

    My topic is musicI want you to chose 3 most popular types of music such as classic, rap, and 1 morethese types will be my main pointsI want to sketch each main point in page of paper I put file it an example for sketch for main pointI want you to put in the sketch when it is this type of music come, and where it is come from, and who are singers of this type, what kind of people like this type, when people listen this musicAlso check for another file which is planing page be careful for thesis statement it should the last sentence of introduction paragraph, and you should mention the main points in thesis statement I want essay 5 paragraphs Introduction paragraph, 3 body paragraphs each one of them talk about one main point, in conclusion paragaph it you have to paraphrase the thesis statement in this paragraph for example you have to write it in another way same paraphrase

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