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Module Nine: System Requirements

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    In Module Nine, you will consider the questions below and make revisions to the document you submitted for Milestone Three. With your Milestone Three document in front of you, consider the following and make revisions as necessary: 

    a) Have you incorporated all of the feedback and suggestions you received from your instructor? b) Does your submission address all of the critical elements outlined above? c) Does the operating system you selected match the specific requirements your organization identified? d) Do you have title and references pages? e) Is your submission at least 15 pages of content not including title and reference pages? f) Have you supported each of your positions with a credible source? g) Have you properly cited your sources and made proper attribution for any copyrighted graphics or photos? h) Does your submission make a clearly stated recommendation for an operating system? 

    3-3 Final Project: was Milestone Two: Analytical Organizational Profile

    Teacher’s Feedback for that project


    50 / 50



    You have a very good level of detail so far, Wildine, but as we add to the matrix in future milestones, continue to refine and expand upon not just the new additions, but the previous ones, especially as you accumulate new knowledge from your studies, so that when the final approaches, you have a rich and detailed matrix from which you can mine material for the final report. 

    You also have module 3 assignments in record

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