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Module 8 focuses on special demands in communicating effecti

    Module 8 focuses on special demands in communicating effectively in the workplace. Please take time in this final discussion to analyze and critique the critical thinking and communication skills, which may be unique to effective on-the-job communication.This discussion takes the form of an integrative journal. Please discuss with your classmates any new knowledge you have gained from the readings, discussions, and assignments in this class. What does this new knowledge mean to you in your job or career aspirations, or what does it mean to you on a personal level? How could you apply what you have learned about writing to your workplace? If you are not presently working, project this question towards your future career.Why are these writing skills significant compared to what you have known in the past? How could you integrate your previous level of writing skills and knowledge with what you have learned in this course?The purpose of this activity is to place you into a reflective process because the process of reflection is what converts new knowledge into learning.Respond to the postings of at least two classmates. Your responses in the discussion board must be well written according to APA Requirements.This is a decussion post and it does not need to be too long.

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