mobile or traditional website

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Select a mobile or traditional website that interests you. Describe the site in terms of the ecosystem that makes up the site’s user experience. Describe some development best practices for designing solutions for the mobile cloud the website’s management can implement. Discuss internal controls and provide an example of a control the website’s management can implement. . Each portion of the scenario must be addressed.

***There can be no duplicates. If another student chose the same company as you, choose another one otherwise you will receive no credit.

minimum of 500 words.

Respond substantively to at least two other students’ posts. In your response posts, please state why you agree (or not) with your peers. Consider other deployment models (including combined models) that might be more appropriate for that type of business.

*please remember to include at least three credible scholarly references with your initial post and two credible scholarly references with your response posts!



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