Microbiology Assignments 3020

Assignment 1: Identify from two independent sources (ex. research paper, news, blog, etc.) two articles discussing the role for genetic transfer in bacteria in a topic of your interest (ex. human health, or industry). For each, in a couple sentences summarize the findings and implications of the study.

Be sure to include proper citation/referencing. Good luck.

Assignment 2: Identify a single regulation factor (could be a protein regulator like LacI, or a small regulatory RNA). In a few sentences describe what it regulates, how it regulates and the biological significance of this regulation. Do not include any regulators we have discussed in class.

Be sure to include proper citation/referencing. Good luck.

Assignment 3: The metabolic abilities of prokaryotes are vastly more diverse than those of eukaryotes. Identify 3 metabolic pathways that are unique to prokaryotes (i.e. are NOT present in eukaryotes). In one or two sentences, describe the reactants and products of each metabolic pathway.

Please include a citation (reference) for each.


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