MG quiz write 200-300words

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the last two chapters have been about writing process –planning , writing, and editing. While the article, “why writing Better Will Make You a Better Person” is focused on academic writing, I want you to apply it to the idea of business writing, which follows the same steps and general principles.

For this quiz, I want you to explore the ideas from the article in essay from. This should be 200-300 words. Use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Edit your answer before turning it in—-sloppy work will receive zero credit for this assignment.

You may want to address the following questions in your essay:

-what do you think of the idea that” writing is an ethical activity?” what do you think the authors mean by that?

–what do you think of the idea of conciseness being a sign of respect?

–is there anything the authors say with which you disagree?

–Think about Chapter 5’s discussion of bias- free language. How might that relate to becoming a more ethical writer and person?

Do not turn in a list of questions and answers. This should be a well-written, well thought out essay.


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