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Mental SkillsSelf-talk: your inner voice, the voice in your

    Mental SkillsSelf-talk: your inner voice, the voice in your mind which says things that you don’t necessarily say out loud. It can occur consciously or unconsciously.Positive self-talk – a type of internal or external dialogue that is optimistic and positive even when faced with adversity.Negative self-talk – a type of internal or external dialogue that is pessimistic and negative when faced with adversity.During bowling try and focus on the internal or external dialogue that you say to yourself before and after your throws.Imagery: voluntary or involuntary creation or recreation of an experience generated from a memory or compilation of memories from past experiences (Omar-Fauze, Abdullar, & Rashid, 2009).Ex: During bowling imagine the route you want the ball to take before actually throwing the ball.Mindfulness: becoming involved in an inherent state of consciousness that involves consciously attending to one’s moment-to-moment experience (Brown & Ryan, 2003).Ex. When you are going up to bowl try to be fully aware of the weight of the ball, of the pressure of the ball, the deepness of your backwards and forward swing etc.Relaxation – relaxation skills can help athletes reduce mental and physical anxiety that will help with increasing concentration and performance.Ex. When you feel yourself getting nervous because you have a difficult throw or have been having bad shots try relaxing and lowering your anxiety through controlled breathing before throwing.3 ups 2 downs 1 take awayBernie Holliday is a Sport Psychology Consultant for the Major League Baseball team the Pittsburgh Pirates. In his time with the Pirates he has coined an activity called “3 ups, 2 downs, 1 takeaway” he does this to help his players reflect back on their performance. By “3 ups” he has players reflect on three things they did well; “2 downs” are items that players can improve on and “1 takeaway” assists the players in summarizing their experience so they can do better next time.Intermediate classes you will have conduct this exercise three times. You have four opportunities to knock out the three exercises.This activity can be utilized as a reflection exercise to reflect on any type of performance or activity. For the purpose of this assignment you will utilize this form of reflection for different aspects of your bowling game. You may solely reflect on your experience during your bowling performance or you may reflect on your performance when using any of the mental skills mentioned above.Mental Skills AssignmentName______________________________ Class__________________________#1Ups1.___________________________________________________________________2.___________________________________________________________________3.___________________________________________________________________Downs1.___________________________________________________________________2.____________________________________________________________________Takeaway__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________#2Ups1.___________________________________________________________________2.___________________________________________________________________3.___________________________________________________________________Downs1.___________________________________________________________________2.____________________________________________________________________Takeaway__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________#3Ups1.___________________________________________________________________2.___________________________________________________________________3.___________________________________________________________________Downs1.___________________________________________________________________2.____________________________________________________________________Takeaway__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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