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Maw OfficeNameNetwork Address/Subnet MaskPrinters192.168.1.0

    Maw OfficeNameNetwork Address/Subnet MaskPrinters192.168.1.0/24 AP192.168.2.0/24 Management192.168.3.0/24 Support192.168.4.0/24 Staff192.168.5.0/24 Staff192.168.6.0/24 Staff192.168.7.0/24 Center Room192.168.8.0/24 Room192.168.9.0/24 OfficeNameNetwork Address/Subnet MaskAdmin Staff192.168.10.0/24 Staff192.168.12.0/24 thefollowing instructions to complete step 4:·Use internal addressing with IP subnet zero enabled·User195.50.16.64/27 for external and public addresses·You canassume inter-office WAN connections will use private IP addresses·Apply /30subnets on all serial interface—Configuring the Routers, switches and OSPFConfigureeach router and switch with a hostname and passwordsConfigureeach interface on the routers as documented aboveConfigureOSPF on all IQ routers (NOT THE ISP ROUTER) and insert a default route on the gatewayrouter.Configurethe management VLAN on each of the switchesConfigurethe wireless access points with any security options you see fitAt Maw Office,configure the layer 3 switch as the root bridge in spanning tree —ConfiguringNAT and ACLsConfigurethe Maw Office MAIN router as follows:    Define the NAT pool; the pool consistsof only one address of workstation connected to the ISP as follows:    Configure the IP address and subnet maskas    Configure the default gateway    Configure the workstation to act as aweb server. Create a simple page that will tell users that they have reachedthe ISPTheservers at the Maw office will act as the company’s intranet web server and emailserver. Create a simple page that will tell users they have reached the companyintranet web site.Configurean ACL to block all traffic from the Internet to the internal server at MawOffice except web traffic; this should prevent hackers using ping etc on thenetwork.Configurean ACL to ensure all wireless generated traffic from the Maw Office is unableto access any other part of the network except the Internet. This includes allinternal computers.Thisshould also only allow web traffic.—ConfiguringVLANs and DHCPConfigurethe Local Area Network switches with the necessary VLANs as per the details instep 4.  Createthe VLANs on the desired switches and use VTP where possible.The MawOffice layer 3 switch will perform DHCP. Configure it asfollows:        Using the DHCP pool documented in step 4        Configure the DHCP pool on the switch        Configure the workstations to obtaintheir IP address automatically        Use static IP addresses with any servers      If IP helper does not work in PT, youwill need to configure DHCP on each of the other locations. You can use staticIPs for the Mo Office.At theMaw office, there are 2 links between the floors. Configure these 2 links betweeneach of the switches as a single ether channel. An ether channel uses multiplephysical links and virtually combines them into a single link. For example, 3 x100Mbpslinks can be combined as 1 ether channel at 300Mbps.Configureall inter-vlan routing necessary at both Maw Office and Mo Office. FILE.pkt Name your $$

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