Major Essay 2: Rhetorical analysis of a famous speech or essay (100 pts)

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3 page required -MLA Format

Major Essay 2: Rhetorical analysis of a famous speech or essay (100 pts)

  1. Choose a famous speech of essay and read it in its unabridged format (see me if you need help).
  2. Print out, read, and annotated the transcript/essay.
  3. Reflect on its use of basic rhetorical devices, specifically, Ethos, Logos, and Pathos.
  4. Write a 3-4 page response paper where you:
    1. Summarize the speech/essay
    2. Analyze the document in relations to Ethos, Logos, Pathos
    3. Discuss the successfulness of the language
  5. Use citations, you are expected to use these correctly at this point.
  6. Organize in proper MLA format.
  7. Submit an image of the annotated copy of the transcript/essay with your final submission to Canvas.
  8. Specific items to be graded: Thesis, Topic Sentences, Transitions, Paragraph Cohesion, Grammar, Conventions, MLA format and citations.


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