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Low Price NSK Bearings sold by FANADE Industry(HongKong) Ltd

    Low Price NSK Bearings sold by FANADE Industry(HongKong) Ltd has won the majority of their customer support and trust with the reasonable prices,convenient logistic system,excellent service,and strong technical force,which is a win-win situation between the company and its customers.With the goal of meeting Customers’ demand is our pursuit,FANADE has gained abundant strengths in supply of tapered roller bearings,cylindrical roller bearings,thrust ball bearing,Inch series bearings,spherical bearings,ball bearings and various non-standard bearings (FANADE Bearing Seals Type include:RS,2RS,Z,2Z,2RZ,DDU,LLU,VV.Bearing Row:Single-Row,Double-Row,Four-Row)with imported and domestic famous brands including Swedish SKF bearings,German FAG,INA bearings,Japanese NSK bearings,Japanese NTN bearings,Japanese KOYO,FYH bearings,Japanese IKO bearings,American TIMKEN bearings,Britain RHP and other famous imported bearings.FANADE Bearing website provide Structure、Dimensions、Net Weight and all Parameter and Details of all kind of bearings.Here we’d like to talk about Analysis on the types of injury of sliding bearing.1. Wear is in a scratch (2)Hard particles with diameter of axle movement and conflict appearance touch; This is the touch of particles and metal surface stress is relatively low; They are on the bearing shell into linear scars on the surface, half embedded hard particles in the trunnion bearing appearance appearance will draw linear scars; Are called scratch. Scrape wear is in a second; The direction of the linear scars together with the diameter of axle movement direction.Lubricating oil film rupture; Trunnion appearance of wheel peak also will scratch pad; Present many linear scars; It is also wear is in a second.Hard particles embedded bearing appearance and fall; A dot scratch scars.At the end of the particles of iron and sand.Scratch cause conflict skin roughness; And then reduced the lubricating oil film bearing ability; And it can scratch would amount to a new conflict looks hard particles and wheel peak; Form a vicious circle.2. (3) of abrasive wearEnter the bearing gap smaller hard particles; Hesitation between the two conflicts appearance; The touch of attack in conflict appearance extremely high stress; Constitute the three body abrasive wear; Similar to the grinding effect; Bearing and the diameter of axle appearance wear. Hard particles and the conflict between the appearance of high touch stress make patience the conflict of the metal plastic deformation and fatigue damage appearance attack; The conflict brittle metal appearance to present embrittlement or fall off.Abrasive wear scar is linear; The direction also jointly with the diameter of axle movement direction.When rendering the marginal state such as touching, shortage of oil or oil film break will attack severe abrasive wear. Abrasive wear will incur trunnion and (or) bearing shell how much scale and shape change, precision loss, increase the bearing gap; The sliding bearing in expected before taking a sharp deterioration in performance.3. Bit glue (glue)In the condition of lubrication oil membrane rupture or lack of; Big hot conflict factor cause attacks many conflicts; Bearing temperature. At high temperature; A conflict appearance of low melting point metal adhesion in another conflict due to soften their appearance; Along with the diameter of axle rotation movement of shear effect; Adhesion of the metal from the original appearance from; Transferred to another conflict appearance; Constitute a significant conflict looks potholes and convex scar. This kind of damage is adhesive wear.When rendering bite stick; Conflict increases sharply; Bearing temperature rise further; Form a vicious circle. When the adhesion severe; Trunnion shift power can no longer be cut open bonding point; Will make the diameter of axle movement to stop; Commonly known as the ‘axis’; Bearing damage completely.4. Fatigue wearFatigue wear is also called the fatigue damage. Under the repeated effect of cyclic load; On with the sliding direction of the straight direction; Conflict is fatigue crack; In deep bearing appearance to crack straight to carry out; The lining and backing LianXiMian; Runs parallel to conflict with appearance; The final data from conflict appearance by falling down; A pit damage.5. strippingWhen the bearing is made, If the lining backing contact force and the lack of contact or bad; In the process of bearing work; Under the effect of load; Part of lining will be stripped from the bearing shell. Peel and tired fall somewhat similar; But tired drop pit surrounding irregular; Contact bad lubrication of stripping pit surrounding compare. 6. corrosionLubricating oil in use process constantly oxidation; Oxidation often attack weak organic acid; It especially casting of bearing copper lead lead corrosive; Lead is characterized by a dot drops; Rough appearance.Strong inorganic acid to corrode steel shaft neck appearance.Tin-based bearing alloy of tin is oxidized; In the bearing shell appearance of SnO and form a layer of have SnO2 black hard cover; Hardness in the range of 200 ~ 600 hs. The cover of the bearing is extremely harmful; It is very hard; Can scrape shaft neck appearance; And the bearing gap is smaller.7. corrosion(1) cavitationCavitation is a solid appearance and liquid touch damage and attack when relative motion appearance.When the lubricating oil in the oil film of low pressure zone; Would amount to a bubble in oil; Bubble movement after the high; Bubbles breaking while under the effects of pressure; In breaking instantly attacks great impact and high temperature; Solid surface under the effect of the impact of repeated; Data attack tired fall; Conflict is small pit; And then carry out into a cavernous scars.Overload, high speed; And a change in the large sliding bearing load and speed. Often attack cavitation.(2) fluid corrosionFluid dramatically impact solid appearance would amount to a fluid corrosion; Make the solid appearance presents dot scars; This kind of damage the appearance of a lubrication.(3) electric corrosionBecause the motor or electric leakage; In the conflict between exterior attack electric spark; Appearance constitute the conflict point scars; Is characterized by damage reciprocating rendering on a hard shaft neck appearance.8. Fretting wearIn the lining and backing. Bearing and bearing contact surface; Because the metal appearance between micro vibration (slip) and the joint effect of oxidation; Constitute the adhesion wear, oxidative wear and abrasive wear (corrosion) three kinds of composite wear; Is called the micro wear; It will constitute a dot scars on the surface of the contact.

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