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    looking for someone to writeam lookin for someone who has read Sula book by Toni MorrisonLength and Format: minimum five paragraphs, 12-Font, Double-Spaced, 800 WordsYour task is to a generate a topic and to produce an essay on Sula. The essay must consist of textual analysisand should not merely be a summary of the plot. You must have a coherent thesis, topic sentences for each body paragraph, and a title. A focus on literary language, devices and details is part of the assignment. Your analysis must blend citations with interpretive descriptions.Because the essay is an interpretation—and not a summary or “book report”—your thesis must make a particular point that a reader could potentially disagree with and for which you will use textual evidence as support. Your thesis should not be the statement of a fact, but an interpretive claim which is the job of the essay to support.Avoid “dropped” quotes!Although this is not a research paper, any idea, term or argument taken from an outside source must be attributed.DO NOT USE SOURCES SUCH AS SPARK NOTES, CLIFF NOTES, ETC.Your essay should be as detail-oriented as possible! Use at least four quotations to support your argument. There are some tips below. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________First and foremost, remember that this is a Critical response paper, NOT a Personal response paper.You must maintain an academic perspective throughout your paper. You are presenting an argument and supporting it with evidence from the text or other sources.  Therefore, AVOID the following types of statements: ‘It seems to me,’ ‘I think,’ ‘I believe,’ and ‘It is obvious that.’ In fact, try to avoid using the first person altogether.It must contain a strong thesis statement in a strong introductory paragraph.Be sure your first paragraph is an overview of the contents of your essay. It’s almost like an outline for your reader that is written in complete sentences. Sometimes it’s helpful to go back and refocus your first paragraph after you’ve finished your essay.Your thesis sentence should present a point that you will prove.  Do NOT make announcements (‘This paper will compare Agamemnon and Gilgamesh in terms of their kingly qualities’).You also need to make sure you introduce both the author and work to be analyzed as early as possible.Be sure to use quotation marks for titles of shorter works, such as poems and short stories, and italics for titles of longer works, such as plays, epic poems and novels.Avoid using references to the dictionary (Webster’s defines love as . . . ‘).The body of the essay should be filled with information related to your thesis.Each paragraph has a topic sentence and a concluding sentence.  You should use evidence within your paragraphs which further explains what your topic sentence introduced.  Don’t forget to clearly express your own opinions. Avoid repeating yourself.Avoid plot summary!  Use quotes from only those sections of the text immediately relevant to your discussion!Use past tense to discuss historical or biographical events, but present tense when discussing literature.Each time your read a text, the events ‘occur’ all over again. Therefore, as you describe these events, always use present verb tense:  ‘Oedipus blinds himself after he discovers his mother’s body in the bedroom.’  ‘Brent escapes to freedom after she spends seven years in an attic.’Evidence is needed in your paper.Be sure to ‘back up’ all your points with either examples from the text, citations from the text or your outside resources.Using proper MLA format, include parenthetical citations with proper punctuation and a Works Cited page.Do not use a cover page!

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