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LONG (COMPREHENSIVE) ESSAYBertuccis Corporation, a natio

    LONG (COMPREHENSIVE) ESSAY:Bertucci’s Corporation, a nationwide leader in ItalianRestaurants, has contracted with a web usability firm to perform a comprehensiveanalysis and redesign project with the goal of maximizing the user experienceand increasing revenue. The Bertucci’s Board of Directors has expressed amajor concern that the company could lose their position as market leader ifthey do not capitalize on the web platform sales. The company has an initiative to increase sales viathe web platform that will result in increased revenue and a decrease inoperational costs, therefore maximizing profit for shareholders.The Board commissioned a study to gather customer surveyfeedback on the Bertucci’s website, which yielded many complaints about thesite. The complaintshighlighted issues with order placement, order payment and general reliabilityof the website. Theuser experience was rated very low, and the likelihood of return for newcustomers was tracked as less than 10%. The Board of Directors was very concerned with theresults of the study and demanded that corporate IT manager, Mr. Illusterimplements a web usability project to improve and redesign the website.Mr. Illuster is responsible for directing the work performedby the web usability firm and deploying the redesigned web site within a six (6)month timeframe. The intent of the firm is to recommend and implement changesto improve the effectiveness of the website and ensure all users have theability to easily find information about their profile, menu items as well aseasily purchase food through an enhanced transaction process. The initial findings from the web usability firm highlightedthe need to redesign the user interface to develop an online shopping experiencewith simple searching, easy transactions and many features that saavy onlineshoppers expect in an easy-to-use website. Primary Question: Describe all associated User Interface Designactivities, including the overall process and the methods that can beused to help enhance the design process ensuring a customer focused design. Discuss the entire userinterface design lifecycle, and all the methods, tools and techniques the webredesign effort must consider during the Design Phase. REMEMBER THIS IS THE PRIMARY QUESTION AND ANANALYTICAL, COMPLETE ESSAY MUST BE SUBMITTED TO PROVIDE A COMPLETE RESPONSE TOTHIS QUESTION.In addition to documenting the details of the design phasein relation to the User Interface Design process for this project, also be sureto include (at a minimum) the details provided below:Supplemental Questions: (In your Essay, clearly identify the question youare answering by putting the Question Letter in parenthesis):A. When the usability firm explores the Interface StandardsDesign, identify and describe the types of elements they will be designing? As discussed in class,what is important to consider for any interface icons? B. Discuss the details of Interface Structure Design,a key process of Interface Design. Why is this important to the Design process and whyshould the usability experts consider Interface Structure Design during theiranalysis? C. As the usability experts finalize their userinterface design process for the new website, they will perform an InterfaceEvaluation.Identify and discuss each potential approach they could use to perform theevaluation, and the characteristics of each method.D. Mr. Illuster has required the usability firm toconsider all the principles of User Interface Design. From your perspective,what four (4) principles would you consider and provide a description of each.For each, why is this principle an important design aspect?E. Describe how the usability experts could useprototyping methods and how they may benefit from using these techniques. In addition, clearlyidentify and define each of the prototyping methods and highlight thedifferences and benefits of each.F. Why is it important to identify and incorporatethe appropriate controls for data entry into the application interface? In consideration of thedata entry / input process, describe which control would be used to allow a userto select only one option of a potential set of valid values? And what control shouldbe used to allow a user to select more than one value from a set of potentialvalid values? G. Identify and describe three (3) types of inputvalidation, and provide an example of where you would apply this within theBertucci’s website? What is the purpose of input validation logic? H. What are two key challenges when designing thewebsite redesign for multiple platforms? Specifically, what are the differing considerationsbetween designing for a mobile device vs. a desktop computer? I. How should the Board of Directors and Mr. Illustermonitor and track the results of the redesign to gauge success of theinitiative?

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