Submit your literature review here by March 26, 11:59pm

Remember, you will not receive a grade for this assignmentYou will receive peer review from a a fellow student and provide peer review to a fellow student. You will be graded on the peer review you provide to your fellow student. Please submit this by the due date to give your peers a full week to provide peer review feedback!

***I have decided to incentivize turning in your chapters on time: if you turn all 3 of your chapters (Introduction, Literature Review, Methods) in by their due dates, you will receive an additional 5% toward your final grade.*** 

There is no hard page limit for the literature review; the length will depend on the complexity of your topic and your research questions. However, remember that for the purpose of this course, Chapter 2 should be an abbreviated literature review. Also remember that your total page limit is 15 pages; take this into consideration when completing the literature review and planning for your methods section.

Full instructions and a rubric for the Literature Review can be found here. Also, remember to look at the instructions, rubric, and example for the complete proposal (here) to see an example of what should be included in your Chapter 2 and how it should be organized

This assignment includes plagiarism review using Turnitin. Since this is only a first draft, I will not act on any potential plagiarism. However, please look at the Turnitin report and use it to avoid any accidental plagiarism in your submission of the final proposal.

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