Literature and the world: Indigenous communities in context

I’m working on a Literature question and need guidance to help me study.

The first step for the Literary Analysis assignment is an outline. In class, we discussed the elements that will be useful to have for our workshop next Tuesday. The more you include in the outline now, the more helpful it will be when you go to turn it into a full draft. The elements we discussed were the following:

  1. Introduction (summary)
  2. Thesis – the argument/claim
  3. Supports – sub-claims
      1. Primary and secondary
      2. 4 total (one from each)
    2. Conclusion
      1. Sway the reader
      2. Synthesize your arguments
      3. Resolve conflicts/clear up confusion/emphasize your interpretation
      4. What’s the life after the paper ends?
    3. If you’re doing a collaborative project, list group members and anticipated medium

The bulk of this outline is dependent on the thesis, so make sure you have one that’s meaningful to you and that you can defend using evidence from our texts.

As far as grading goes, the outline is part of the overall grade for the Literary Analysis. This assignment won’t have points attached to it, but your work will be factored into the final assignment. You can upload a copy or paste the content into the discussion. Because we’ll be workshopping these together, and because I think it’s useful to see what your peers are doing, this is set up as a discussion. Feel free to read over your colleagues’ outlines and provide feedback if you see things that are being done well or that could be improved. This is intended to be a supportive collaboration, so keep that in mind when responding.


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