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LecturePlease refer toChapter 2 in your text. &nbspA film is ac

    LecturePlease refer toChapter 2 in your text.  A film is actually a series of’frames.’  The analysis of Mise en Scene means ‘freezingthe frame.’  In these frames, the viewer’s eye looks at the followingelements:· Where is our eye attracted first? Why?· High lighting? Low lighting? High Contrast? Some combination ofthese?· How Far away is the camera from the action?· Are we (and the camera) looking up or down on the subject? Or isthe camera neutral (eye level)?· What is the dominant color?· Is the frame distorted in any way?· What are the main eye-stops after taking in the dominant?· How much visual information is packed into the image?· How the two dimensional is space segmented and organized?· Does the image suggest a fragment–or one section– of thescene?· Do the characters have no room to move around, or can they movefreely without impediments?    AssignmentThereare many scenes provided in Chapter 2 of your text.  Select one sceneand analyze the mise-en-scene of the frame.  Analyze the scene infour areas defined in this week’s lecture.Descriptions: Describe the following elements of mise-en-scene:Fivebasic positions in which an actor can be photographedFourmajor proxemic patternsDominantand subsidiary contrasts3.  Shartopus DVD TrailerPleaselook at this trailer and identify one mise-en-scene (freezing the frame).

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