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Learning Activity #2: Motivation Response Read Chapter 9 of

    Learning Activity #2: Motivation Response Read Chapter 9 of your textbook.In 3-4 paragraphs, answer the following: Define and explain the four theories of motivation, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each (these can be simple bullet points if necessary).After reading and examining Maslow’s theory relating to the Hierarchy of Needs, what are the cultural implications of this theory? Does it apply to everyone? Can you think of anyone or any culture where this would not be appropriate? Explain your answers. Learning Activity #4: Health and Stress ResponseLearning Activity #4: Health and Stress ResponseReadthe following scenario: YourUncle Bob is a man who works hard. He lives in an area that was just floodedfrom a hurricane and his house is damaged. He lost all of his possessions andhis beloved dog in the flood. He now has to relocate, alone, as he was nevermarried and has no children. Because of the hurricane, there is no cell phonereception in the area. While you know he is alive, you can’t communicate withhim on a daily basis. He normally calls your mom (his sister) daily just tochit-chat as they are close siblings. Now, he can’t do that as easily and it’sfrustrating him even more as he’s trying to get things together to relocate.Theday before he is supposed to travel to his new home 4 hours away, your motherreceives a call that your Uncle Bob has had a heart attack and is in thehospital. She immediately flies down to see him. She reports to you that he hasalso developed pneumonia and his diabetes (which has always been verycontrolled) has begun to get worse. Your mother calls you and says, “He had aheart attack because of all this stress. This stress is going to kill him!” Whileit’s not really the “best time” to offer your mom some education on the issue,she’s someone who finds great comfort in information.Providea 2 to 3 paragraph response addressed to your mom that describes how UncleBob’s health issues and stress are correlated.ReadChapter 10 in your textbook.LearningActivity #6: Big Five Response Once scientific methodology took root in psychology, personalitybecame more empirical.Write a two to three paragraph response to the following:How are traits assessed? Provide and describe some examplesWhat are the Big Five factors?Why do they provide us with useful information regardingpersonality variation?

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