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Learn about operations center design, organization and management.

    Assignment Objective: Learn about operations center design, organization and management.This assignment should take about 3 hours to complete.The purpose of this assignment is to learn about emergency operations center design and organization.Write short answers (100 to 200 words) to the following questions. Useÿthe correct APA Style in-text citation format to reference sources.What is the main purpose for having an emergency operations center?What are some of the key considerations for designing an effective emergency operations center?Bliss (2012) described the issues considered by the Central Yavapai Fire District, Prescott Arizona, in designing an emergency operations center.What are some of the major factors that had to be considered? In this case, do you think it is better to set up an EOC only when needed or to have a dedicated facility that is already set up?Readings:ASTM International (2010). Standard guide for emergency operations center (EOC) development. West Conshohocken, PA: ASTM International. Retrieved fromÿ, S.D. (2012). Emergency operations center design and funding. Prescott Valley, AZ: Central Yavapai Fire District. Retrieved fromÿ assignment addresses Learning Outcome 7. Students will be able to organize, coordinate and manage planning processes, emergency response operations, recovery and mitigation measures, and administrative operations.

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