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Lab1_Hubble_Deep_Field.docThe Hubble Ultra Deep Field is one

    Lab1_Hubble_Deep_Field.docThe Hubble Ultra Deep Field is one of most important images in astronomy because it shows some of the most distant galaxies in the Universe. What conclusions and generalizations can you make from the following data collected by a student by randomly positioning the green circle in an effort to determine WHAT IS THE GENERAL DISTRIBUTION OF GALAXY COLORS? Explain your reasoning and provide the specific evidence you are using, with sketches or pie charts or graphs if necessary, to support your reasoning.GREEN CIRCLE SAMPLE NUMBERNUMBER OF RED-ORANGE GALAXIESNUMBER OF BLUE-WHITE GALAXIES172721016315194102951227Data collected at’m really not understanding what my teacher is asking. Is he wanting to know why I think there are so many galaxies in the area and why they are like they are?

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