Lab report for thin-layer chromatography of analgesics(spotting the did plates) b) (Developing the did plates)

I’m trying to learn for my Chemistry class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

To help you all out with writing a successful report I have a few pointers for you all.

1) For the abstract it should include the following;

  • Aim /Goals of the experiment
  • Briefly explain how the aim / goals were achieved
  • Provide brief summary of the experimental outcome
  • Talk about the results briefly
  • Abstract should not be longer than one paragraph (3-5 sentences)
    • Example: This experiment explored the technique of TLC (Thin layer chromatography). (Briefly talk about what TLC is in regards to the experiment) In using TLC … (talking about what you did)… It was found that… (talking about results)..

2) Conclusion/Discussion

  • Must include findings, explain outcomes and discrepancies if any
  • Discuss results from product analysis
  • Discuss TLC separation data
  • Discuss any other observations from reactions
  • Don’t just state the reaction worked actually talk about what you did.


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