Juvenile Violence and the Courts

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Based on this case study, answer the questions that follow. This case study brings forth incidents of minor and severe juvenile offenses and the treatment of the juvenile offender. The case is meant to highlight the role of juvenile justice court and its impact on juvenile crimes.

Familiarize yourself with the details of the case. As you read the case, consider Ronnie’s position and how the juvenile courts handled it.

  • How did Ronnie’s home life and upbringing contribute to his patterns of behavior? Cite any theories that apply to this case.
  • What should the juvenile court’s goal have been for Ronnie—to punish him, deter him, or rehabilitate him? What factors contributed to the judge sentencing Ronnie to three years in a correctional facility?
  • Assume this case took place in your home state. What sentencing options would have been available to the judge?
  • Some believe that the juvenile justice system can address the underlying causes for gang involvement among juveniles. Analyze these underlying causes and discuss ways that the juvenile justice system can address them.


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