Journal is to be at least three (3) double-spaced, typed pages—but should not exceed six (6) typed pages—and will reflect on and summarize the unit’s readings. Questions below. Journals are very similar to papers and therefore are expected to be well-written and clearly organized. Journals should be free of typos and other compositional errors. Students are expected to refer to (and cite) the readings. Journals will be open for submission from the beginning of the course, but submissions for each journal will close on specific dates. Make sure to consult the course outline below for the specific closing dates.

You will not be able to submit journals after the closing date and time. 1. Federalists v. Anti-Federalists on the House. They debate particularly the size of House districts (30,000 constituents per one representative). Why does Madison think that this is the proper ratio? What are the Anti-Federalist concerns? Which side was more accurate? 2. Federalists and Anti-Federalists on the Senate. The issues of staggered elections (only one third of the Senate up for reelection every two years) and the lack of term limits are debated. Address the different views of each group on these matters. Again, which side had the better arguments, and why?

3. Redistricting in the House of Representatives. Discuss the idea of “majority-minority” districts. Examine their purpose and their legacy, explaining whether you agree with their creation or not. A few hints about references. When you refer to your readings—which I expect from ALL journal submissions—you do not need to provide a formal bibliography. I know what your sources are. However, I do expect references in the text (often called “in-text” or parenthetical style). So, when you refer to our textbooks, for instance, use the following format: (Davidson, 32) or (Smith, 104). I do expect page numbers with your references too. When referring to the Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers, just do the following: (Federalist #57) or (Anti-Federalist Critique of House).

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