Job order or Process costing

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Based on the understanding of job order costing and process costing, which one would each business most likely use?

Write a 120-200 (total) word paper that describes why you feel that either job order or process costing (which one?) would likely be used in EACH of the described businesses listed.

  • A maker of trophies for various park district sports teams
  • The Utz pretzel factory
  • A designer of hotel properties
  • The factory that makes Minute Maid orange juice
  • McGraw-Hill book publishing company
  • An auto body shop
  • Coors Brewery

Post in a discussion format, not just bullet points

View the example attached and powerpoints for better reference.

Point deductions:

(-1 or -2 points) for business-communication (or lack thereof) issues such as grammar, spelling, ambiguous sentences, etc.

(-3 to -8 points) if major content issues such as inconsistency with or non-application of textbook concepts (including omitting the required quotes) as well as falling short of minimum word requirements.


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