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Jetson Spacecraft Corp. shows the following information on i

    Jetson Spacecraft Corp. shows the following information on its 2011 income statement: sales = $231,000; costs = $135,000; other expenses = $7,900; depreciation expense = $14,400; interest expense = $14,300; taxes = $20,790; dividends = $11,500. In addition, you’re told that the firm issued $5,800 in new equity during 2011 and redeemed $4,300 in outstanding long-term debt.a.What is the 2011 operating cash flow? Operating cash flow$ b.What is the 2011 cash flow to creditors? Cash flow to creditors$ c.What is the 2011 cash flow to stockholders? Cash flow to stockholders$ d.If net fixed assets increased by $28,000 during the year, what was the addition to NWC? Addition to NWC$ Prepare a 2011 balance sheet for Cornell Corp. based on the following information: cash = $131,000; patents and copyrights = $630,000; accounts payable = $212,000; accounts receivable = $107,500; tangible net fixed assets = $1,630,000; inventory = $295,000; notes payable = $180,000; accumulated retained earnings = $1,270,000; long-term debt = $849,000. (Be sure to list the accounts in order of their liquidity.)CORNELL COP.Balance SheetAssets (Click to select)Accounts payableAccounts receivableCashInventoryNotes payable$  (Click to select)Accounts receivableAccounts payableNotes payableTangible net fixed assetsIntangible net fixed assets (Click to select)Accounts receivableAccounts payableInventoryCashCommon stock Current assets$  (Click to select)Accounts payableAccounts receivableIntangible net fixed assetsInventoryTangible net fixed assets (Click to select)Tangible net fixed assetsAccumulated retained earningsIntangible net fixed assetsNotes receivableCommon stock Total assets$ Liabilities (Click to select)Long-term debtAccounts payableNotes payableAccumulated retained earningsAccounts receivable$  (Click to select)Accumulated retained earningsCommon stockLong-term debtNotes receivableNotes payable Current liabilities$  (Click to select)Accounts payableAccounts receivableCashInventoryLong-term debt Total liabilities$  (Click to select)Notes payableCommon stockNotes receivableAccounts payableAccounts receivable (Click to select)Common stockCashAccumulated retained earningsNotes payableAccounts payable Total liabilities & owners’ equity$ Use the following information for Taco Swell, Inc., (assume the tax rate is 30 percent):20102011 Sales$13,073$13,836 Depreciation1,6911,766 Cost of goods sold4,1294,737 Other expenses961839 Interest810941 Cash6,1126,556 Accounts receivable8,0709,517 Short-term notes payable1,2001,177 Long-term debt20,41024,711 Net fixed assets50,95455,660 Accounts payable4,4324,734 Inventory14,33415,318 Dividends1,1001,648For 2011, calculate the cash flow from assets, cash flow to creditors, and cash flow to stockholders.(Negative amounts should be indicated by a minus sign. Round your answers to 2 decimal places.) Cash flow from assets$  Cash flow to creditors$  Cash flow to stockholders$

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