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it value chain analysis matrix..docMemmo for group project.d

    it value chain analysis matrix..docMemmo for group project.docx Recommendation MemoThe company selected is :Kudler Fine Foods Use the project plan and ITvalue-chain analysis to determine the most appropriate sourcing solution foreach of the organization’s IT assets as listed in the IT Value-Chain Analysis Matrix.Your choice is to host via cloud computing, Explore providers in thisarea, such as IBM and Oracle.)Information to complete the memo is below: plus the attachments included. The scope of our project can be to migrate Inventory, Purchasing, andGeneral Ledger and E-mail applications to a single virtual server in the cloud. The POS systems will directly connect to the new cloud servers.  Wecould also migrate all of the workstations to virtual workstations.  Thiswould allow for smaller footprint workstations installed at locations that canbe easily updated.’A) ProjectPlan  I. What information is going to be needed?  1. Components of Project Plan  a. Inventory, purchasing (POS), General Ledger,Email Applications & SOA (workstations) to be moved to the’Cloud’ for Kudler Fine Food  b. Stakeholders will give there feedback based ontheir experience within the forum in order to base/configure quality testingbased on the ‘Agile Methodology’ approach based on a progression ofprototypes  c. Team ‘A’s’ Project Manager will bedisseminating information to ‘Subject Matter Experts,”Stakeholders,’ Team ‘A,’ and the ‘ProjectGovernance/Sponsor.’   2.Roles and Responsibilities  a. Project Manager (PM) will work to coordinate so thatinformation is delivered on time and when needed. The PM will decide when a’work package’ is possible moving away from the ‘projectbaseline’ and whether things like ‘scope creep,’ ‘analysisparalysis,’ and/or ‘feature creep’ is taking place and if adecision needs to be made to truncate a ‘work package.’ Any decisionsmade by the Team based on Stakeholders requirements that end in indecision or atie will be decided by the project manager.  b. Team ‘A’ will gather stakeholders requirements,follow the project plan, follow the instruction of the project manager, andstay lucid, creative, free of personal hardships which will district the Teamin order to deliver on time and with the quality expected.  c. Project Sponsor will do a ‘Constructive CostModel’ and along with the project manager will configure a ‘CriticalPath Analysis’ so that a budget can be implemented and Stakeholders can be’verified and validated’ for their responsibilities, finances, andresources.3. Communication  a. Requirements of weeklymeetings to ensure that all matters will be handled properly and carefullyfixed with the approval of the project manager.   b. Team will discuss allfunctions of the project and all the proper aspects of the project to give theproject the proper products that it requires.

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