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IT ArticleCritique Assignment-&nbspSubmit an ITarticleo&nbspYou mu

    IT ArticleCritique Assignment- Submit an ITarticleo You must copyand paste article into a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx format)o You must alsoprovide the actual link used to access the article, and the date retrieved inthe Works Cited – Submit a onepage Summary of the articleo Writ a clear& concise summary of the article o Use In-text Parenthetical Citationsdenoting author and page/paragraph number- Submit a onepage Critique of the articleo Critique the article’s reputation / worthiness /relevanceo Justify its reputability (Authority, Accuracy,Currency, Coverage, & Objectivity) Critique thecontent of the article, worthiness, target audience, & technical levelo Social, Legal,& Ethical Issueso Discuss how thearticle relates to our class- Post the SINGLE(Summary, Critique, & Article) document under Blackboard for grading

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