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    Wireless networks will be formed by interconnecting number of different nodes or computers and other devices or components to form a network by avoiding physical media between them. The wireless communications will provide advantages such as its increase in efficiency, flexibility, performance and reduce costs for the network. In addition, there are also certain concerns that need to be considered before establishing a data communications over the wireless networks. Conklin et al. claimed that security is one of the major concern in wireless networks because of having no physical medium for the signal so that it can possess more security vulnerabilities than a wired network (Conklin, White, Cothren, Davis, & Williams, 2016). The more distortion and noise effects, less signal strength, less bandwidth and coverage, and reduced speed are some of the other concerns.

    Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is the protocol that is used in establishing the wireless communications between the mobile devices and the Internet. It is crucial for the development of mobile device technologies as it maintains the standard way of accessing and communicating with the Internet through the mobile devices. Anitha et al. claimed that it provides a number of benefits to the wide range of people such as end users of mobile devices, mobile application developers and mobile device manufacturers (Anitha, Priyadharsini, & Parveen, 2015). It is possible to maintain a standard WAP procedure common while developing applications, manufacturing devices that will provide value to the end user and it reduces overall costs and efforts. In addition to pros, there are also certain cons such as the mobile phones will only provide small screens, speed will be low and it is difficult to browse by using small keys and typing on the mobile phones.

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