Begin with a health history related to your work as a doula:

  • What is their general health like?
  • What has their health been like during this pregnancy?
  • Do they have any concerns regarding their health that may impact your care?
  • Allergies? Phobias? Many people are afraid of needles in particular.
  • Do they have a history of emotional problems?
  • What health practices do they have (this includes diet and exercise)?
  • Describe previous pregnancies and births?

Also include:

  • Questions that the client has about birth/labor
  • Their goals for this birth
  • What role they would like a doula to play (you can present them with the handout you made earlier on what a doula is)
  • What role their spouse, children, or other support persons may have

Lastly, identify possible educational opportunities that you would address at other meetings

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