Internship Journal

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2 pages Double spaces

one page narrative and one page reflection.

Your internship work will be evaluated by me based primarily on your journal entries.Your journal should be both a descriptive narrative of your internship experience (what it is that you are doing to accomplish the goals you and your sponsor have set) and a reflective narrative (what that experience means in terms of a larger learning experience). It should connect the practical work experience with your academic course work whenever possible. The journal entry should be a minimum of one and a half pages: one page narrative and a half page reflection.

You can read this below and write this Journal.

I was offered an internship Marketing and operations in Moge Tee last week

Moge Tee LLC is a chain tea brand affiliated to China Royal Tea Group

I hope that there are many direct-operated stores, franchisees and franchisees in tea. My purpose as the mkt manager of this company is to make money for the boss. The work covers many aspects, such as reviewing various stores, researching the operation of the store, finding operational problems and providing help and suggestions, assisting the store manager to implement marketing strategies, marketing plans, and communication and cooperation with third-party platforms.

Q. What are you doing to achieve the goals you and your funder set

Recently, I was responsible for ubereats campaign and ubereats menu in some stores. The purpose is to improve performance. My plan is to do the basic work of the takeaway platform and then do camping, the purpose is to present a perfect brand and product to customers

The first thing I did after I started working was to learn from the manager of the best-selling store on the takeaway platform. His help not only enabled me to enter the working state as quickly as possible, but also enabled me to master the relevant skills.

In my opinion, in addition to satisfying customer needs, we must also improve the quality of services. Although customers cannot come to shop in person to consume, catering companies still need to provide excellent services to increase customer satisfaction. Satisfying customer needs is the basis for increasing sales of takeaway platforms, and improving the quality of takeaway services is one of the opportunities to stand out in a highly competitive market.

Action 1: detailed online menu

Without a product introduction, it is like no one serves guests. A detailed menu allows customers to understand the product. Even if there is no product photo to give guests the space to imagine, adding certain modifiers can increase customers’ desire to buy.

Beautiful and seductive product photos can directly convey information through visual effects to achieve the desire of customers

Editing the ubereats menu is not as simple as I expected, but it is very boring. It is better to enter products, edit product introductions, classify products according to product characteristics, select products that are popular with the public through data, and even upload product photos that have undergone strict review. This requires a lot of patience in addition to time

When I asked the ubereats menu support team for help, I relize that if I do n’t follow up and check the work of ubereats in time, they will not work at all or do not meet our requirements. The work progress of the ubereats menu support team directly affects the subsequent development uber eats camping

Measure 2. Distribution packaging

The problem of damage packet is reflected in the feedback from takeaway customers in many stores. We want to perfectly present our products to our customers, whether they are shoppers or takeaway customers. During the order delivery process, we as the store cannot control the delivery method of the delivery staff, so I strictly require the delivery packaging. The plastic bag has become a beautiful paper bag with a cup stand that can stabilize the drink. Put a plastic bag on the outside. This distribution and packaging method is still experimental.

Action 3: Time

Slow time is also one of the bad reviews of many stores. Freshness is one of the strengths of our branded drinks. The time of the process not only affects the taste but also gives guests a terrible consumption experience. I reduced the product preparation time in the restaurant account of the takeaway platform from 15mins to 5mins, and studied the delivery model of the delivery platform to hope that the guests could receive the goods as soon as possible. According to the data, it has been shortened from about 1h to less than half an hour.

Through some measures, guests are indirectly made to feel that the considerate service of the merchant not only attracts potential customers, but also improves loyalty of regular customers.

Although some things made me impatient and even make me angry, I eventually realized that it was a learning process.


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