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Intercultural Activity presentation

    In Unit 10, you will submit your Intercultural Activity presentation. If you have not yet read the assignment requirements in Unit 10, do so at this time. A key part of the presentation includes respectfully observing people from cultures different from your own; depending on the venue, you may also find yourself interacting with people from different cultures. (If you choose to visit ethnic restaurants, do not critique the atmosphere or food. Instead, focus on what you observe—the languages are spoken, how patrons dress, and so on.)

    In addition, consider other domestic cultures such as jails, retirement homes, schools, military bases or installations, courtrooms, et cetera, where people from multiple cultures gather. For this assignment, provide an update on your search for intercultural experiences and an outline of your proposed presentation thus far. In your update, address the following questions: Which sites (physical locations) will you visit? When will you visit these sites (physical locations)? What types of information will you report on in your presentation? Include specific cultural patterns you expect to investigate.

    Whom will you interview informally to add perspective and context to your experiences? Include a list of at least six potential interview questions. What other ways will you gather information for your report? What types of experiences will comprise the presentation? In your outline, organize how you plan to present the information you have gathered or plan to gather. List at least three sources using APA format that can be used to support your work.

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