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    INSTRUCTIONS FOR CITATION DETECTIVE ASSIGNMENTObjectives:1.Students will practice tracking down in-text citations from within an article 2.Students will be able to analyze and discuss how an author uses evidence from other sources.3.Students will correctly cite references in APA style.What Students Have to Submit- Search history (from library’s databases) and print-outs of the first page of each tracked source – Criteria Table Worksheet – Separate sheet of paper with your tracked sources in proper APA style (this is your References page- write your name on it)Instructions:You will search for/track down four (4) in-text citations within this selected article (Project Heart -Development of a Web Based HIV by Widman.pdf ). Students will then cite those sources in APA format. Two (2) sources can be of the same type, but the other 2 have to be different (for example, 2 journal articles, 1 website, and 1 report from a private organization or a government report). Examples of types of sources are:ïbooksïscholarly/journal articlesïwebsitesïreports from a private organization or a government report*Students MUST search a library database such as Ebsco (NOT PubMed) and submit a search history that demonstrates the search strategies of each tracked source. Print out only the first page of each tracked source.For each of the cited source, verify that the evidence/information provided was used accurately. How did the author from the article posted on BB use the evidence from that source? Were the original authors’ intentions properly represented in the article? Use the 5 criteria below for evaluating sources to answer the Criteria Table:1.Authority: What is the author’s expertise, affiliations or credentials?2.Accuracy: Does the source provide citations and references so you can verify the information? Does it contain charts/graphs and tables to verify accuracy through the data it presents?3.Currency: When (what year?) was the information written? Is it current or outdated?4.Coverage: How many pages is the article? Is the information presented brief or in-depth?5.Objectivity: Does the author or publisher have a bias that could affect the reliability of the information? Is that point of view clearly stated somewhere in the article? Do the authors provide only their own point of view? Is the purpose of the article to provide information or to try to sell or promote something? NOTE: NOT FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS WILL RESULT IN LOSS OF POINTS. DO NOT COPY REFERENCES DIRECTLY FROM THE ARTICLES POSTED ON BLACKBOARD. I uploaded the Criteria Table Worksheet

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