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Instructions for Capstone Project Assignment Part 2Now that

    Instructions for Capstone Project Assignment Part 2Now that you have had your Project company/idea approved by your professor, it is time to write the second part of the project, which builds on Project Part 1 (Part 1 is attached below). Using the same company (Harley Davidson) your chose for Project Part I (the company that is proposing an expansion opportunity overseas), conduct research on the proposed ‘overseas’ country.Specifically focus on the culture and cultural exchange of the country.For the culture, review the web site or similar resources to compare the cultural differences between the US and the company in your project. Identify the cultural differences and consider the cultural exchange.In addition, research and choose the best distributions method: Product/Market, Pricing, and Positioning.To Review: Write a 1000 word, APA style paper entitled ‘Strategic Audit’In your paper Identify the following:Cultural differencesCultural exchangeDistribution MethodsProduct/MarketPricingPositioningIn your paper include a title sheet and 2-3 references. Only one reference may be found on the internet. The other references must be found in an University online library. Only the body of the paper will count toward the word requirement. Please see rubric below.

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