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Consider possible topics for the Argumentative Research paper

    Consider possible topics for the Argumentative Research paper. Be creative. Avoid broad, frequently-argued topics such as the Death Penalty and Obesity. Present at least three topics, and of the three, select one. Based upon that one topic, create a sentence

    Outline that includes a well-defined thesis statement (claim), at least three points to support your thesis statement, and at least one counterargument. Conclude this outline with a sentence that indicates how you might respond to the counterargument. Two Replies: Each reply should consist of at least 100 words.1. Would you test a new skincare product on your child just to test if it has a side effect on their skin? Hopefully, your answer is no. If it is, then why would we test them on other innocent creatures like animals?

    Anything with a beating heart should have its life valued as much as our own. Animal testing is an aged practice that should be a problem of the past. Today we have new inventions and discoveries happening daily. If we can create prosthetic limbs then we can create an imitation skin that we will be able to test products on and get similar results. Switching to this practice can save millions of lives, and still give the wanted result. You must be thinking, what about cost?

    While it may be costly to create this skin or human-like organisms to practice and test products on rather than finding a bunch of rats, it is our job as humans to celebrate all walks of life and preserve our furry friends on this planet. Doubts I often hear is that the imitation skin/testing practice cannot give as close or good of a result as an actual living creature can. This is definitely a possibility, but with technology evolving daily it is a small factor that can soon or has already been diminished.

    Thesis statement: Teenagers should not be allowed to date until they turn 18 years old to prevent sexual abuse in young teenagers, to prevent dependency on a significant other, and so they can focus on their grades. According to professional studies about 1 out of 5 women are sexually abused every year by significant others. Psychologists recommend that young women should not be alone past 9pm. Teens that have liberty from their parents at an early age, turn into rebels.33% of abuse cases were by a significant other or a family member. Teenagers will become more dependent on their significant other. Low self-esteem is a big issue on why young teens grow dependent on someone else

    There are more likely to be brain washedSchool should be their main priority. Focusing on school and achieving excellent grades for college acceptancesBoys and girls can be a major distraction to each other. Not being allowed to date at an early age will not make a teen deprived, as a social life will be allowed under certain conditions. Friendships and relationships are very different.

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