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In your first posting, discuss what diabetes is and what con

    In your first posting, discuss what diabetes is and what concerns you would have if you were diagnosed. Come up with a list of questions you would ask your doctor relating to your lifestyle in managing this disease.In your second posting, research two (2) food products (not condiments) that are specifically marketed towards individuals with diabetes. This may be from a commercial you have seen on TV or an advertisement in a magazine, or something you have seen at the grocery store. Do not list foods that are good for someone with diabetes to eat. After you have chosen your two products, you will then evaluate the nutritional content of the product and list why you think this would be a good or a bad food for someone with diabetes to eat. In your responses to your classmates’ postings throughout the week, offer resources with useful information that might help manage his/her diabetes. Be sure to include specific citations and references that will help people find the information you used to inform your postings.Remember that your goal for discussion assignments is three-fold: get involved throughout the entire contribute in a way that adds to the discussion and moves it forward in an original use the course content to inform your posts and responses

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