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In theÂ&nbspPersuasive ResearchÂ&nbspPaper, you will simply want toÂ

    In the Persuasive Research Paper, you will simply want to take a position on an issue of your choice, using research to support your position and to try to convince others to adopt your position.  This paper should be at least 4-6 pages long, it should include at least four sources, and it should accomplish the following:Here is a student example of a persuasive research paper. example ta.docx *State your audience.*Clearly articulate your position as well as the reasons why you hold this position, using evidence to support the validity of your stance.*Present information confidently and efficiently.*Use established information for support, as well as personal “evidence” (if applicable) such as short anecdotes and examples from your own experience, or the experience of others.*Maintain a persuasive tone that will be accessible (not alienating or insulting) to your particular audience.***IMPORTANT NOTE: Papers on the following topics will not be accepted: * abortion* capital punishment* euthanasia

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