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In a three(3) – five(5) page research paper, discuss the fol

    In a three(3) – five(5) page research paper, discuss the following topics relating to slavery:Slave labor in agricultureHouse servants and skilled slavesUrban and industrial slaveryPunishmentSlave family lifeSexual exploitationSocialization of slavesReligionResearch specifications include:5 typewritten pages12 font1 inch margins (on all four sides)Cover page (in addition to 5 typed pages)Work cited or reference page (in addition to 5 typed pages)Pictures and other illustrations (in addition to 5 typed pages)**Note: An extendedamount of time will be allotted for this assignment in an effort toallow for quality research yielding quality papers.**Please refer to the research paper rubric in order to see what you will be graded on. Please be mindful of plagiarism.

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