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in 2 paragraph post your opinionthe articleTesla to open up

    in 2 paragraph post your opinionthe article:Tesla to open up all patents for the ‘advancement of electric vehicle technologyand You will also need to respond to at least two other Students posts individually or separately:1-  student #1 postI think it’s interesting that Tesla the company is doing something similar to Nikolai Tesla back in the day. He did the same thing as Tesla and allowed other people to use his patents for the benefit of the public. It’s interesting how he is hoping that competitors will take his technology and attempt to improve it. I think Elon is betting on the industry to advance the EV technology so much that there could be leaps of innovation in the electric car market. If the consumers can be convinced that electric vehicles are a viable option for consumers.It’s funny how people think this is a crazy decision, however things like this have been done in the past with stuff like penicillin2- Student # 2 Post Patents are very important in the automobile industry because this makes the competition healthy. If patents are always open, like what Tesla wants to happen, then companies can just share and copy technologies, instead of researching and creating technological advancements on their own.  Originality is preserved with intellectual properties.            An Intellectual Property refers to all works and inventions that are created by the mind and are original. This means that if you created it, it is your own intellectual property and no one else should benefit from that and no one else should get credit for what you did. This comes in the form of getting copyrights, trademarks, patents, and other permits in certain jurisdictions. Owners of intellectual property file legal documents to records that this idea or invention is their own. This is very important because of so many large companies and other individuals who are willing to steal other people’s ideas and patent it as their own, so that they will gain profit from it. Intellectual Property filing is a precautionary measure so that your original work will remain original and credited to the original owner. In a world where sharing is easy, this process becomes necessary to declare originality. With what Tesla is doing, they are shaking the system and creating an avenue for stealing ideas.

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